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EventRun provides a complete online management toolkit for your events.
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NEXTFREE lets you find out when Freelancers are next free for work, in one easy to use place.

Placing freelance contractors and consultants at your clients is all in a day's work. Roles come up daily some weeks, less often others, but they come up and you need to have a good list of candidates to fill them all.

A good working relationship with freelancers is key. Knowing what roles they like, what type of clients they like to work for, etc is part of working well with them. But knowing what they're up to, and when they'll next be available for roles is a never ending task.

Some freelancers are tied up for months at a time, some for a few days, or weeks only. Some are available much sooner than planned when a project gets canned, or they want out. If only you could search for freelancers with the right availability in the same way you can search for freelancers with the right skills.

Now you can. NEXTFREE lets you do just that.

Enter the date the candidate will need to start, the skills they need to have and the location where they'll be working and we'll give you a list of matching freelancers, with those who are available now at the top of the list.